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How much does a hair transplant cost

Hair transplantation has a variable cost depending on several factors such as the technique used. A Safyr FUE transplant in Turkiye will be a little less expensive than a transplant with the CHOI (dhi) implanter.

Combien coûte la greffe de cheveux en turquie

The cost of transplant in Türkiye:

The price of hair transplant in Europe is very high, if you are looking for more affordable prices it is advisable to go to Istanbul in Turkey.

Combien coûte une greffe de cheveux en Turquie

Turkey is distinguished not only by a lower cost of the hair operation but above all by a greater experience than French clinics in the field of hair transplantation whether for the sapphire fue method or the DHI method. In general the prices vary between 1500 and 2000 euros for a good hair clinic in Türkiye. Remember that some hair clinics in Turkey offer very high prices (above 3000 euros per transplant).

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