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Sapphire FUE or DHI

All patients wonder which is the best method for their future hair transplant, they mainly hesitate between the Saphir FUE method or the DHI CHOI method. The FUT technique is now completely obsolete and almost no patient is interested in it, rightly so.

Is there really a better technique?

In reality, the Sapphire FUE method like the DHI method each has advantages and disadvantages.

We cannot say in absolute terms the DHI or the FUE Saphyr is the best technique.

For some patients we will recommend DHI and for other patients we will recommend Saphyr FUE.

greffe dhi vs saphir fue.jpg
saphir fue ou dhi ?

In which case to choose the DHI?

The DHI method is more suitable for women who want to do a hair transplant because it avoids shaving the recipient area. ThereDHI hair transplant is also interesting for men with a slight baldness in order to densify the number of hairs on a specific area. Let's say that for baldness from 1 to 3 on the Norwood scale you can opt for a DHI. 

For whom to choose the sapphire fue?

The Saphir FUE method will be more suitable for medium to advanced baldness. It also gives better results on the vertex area because weimplant the grafts deeper than with the DHI method. Finally, the number of grafts implanted with the Saphir FUE method is slightly higher than with the DHI method. From a baldness classified 3 Vertex on the Norwood scale, we strongly advise you to choose the Saphyr FUE method.

combien de greffons au cm2.jpg

Get your hair diagnosis

Contact us quickly by sending us your photos by whatsapp in order to obtain a personalized diagnosis and find out if you are eligible for the Saphyr FUE method or the DHI Choi method.

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