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Smoking after a hair transplant?

Many smokers ask themselves this question when considering a hair transplant. They wonder if they will be able to continue smoking after the operation, and if so, when and how much.

Capillaris Istanbul gives you some useful tips here. 

Hair growth is negatively affected by smoking. The implanted grafts are nourished by the blood, but the nicotine and other harmful substances from tobacco circulate in the blood and damage the grafts, which prevents hair growth! Tobacco therefore has a detrimental effect on hair growth after hair transplantation.

puis je fumer après une greffe de cheveux ?

Can I smoke the day of my transplant?

We advise you to limit your tobacco consumption to half a cigarette on the day of the operation, but the ideal would be not to smoke at all to increase the chances of success.  It is also very important to reduce your tobacco and cigarette consumption as much as possible in the days following the operation.

Electronic cigarette after hair transplant?

  We don't have clear evidence on this yet. It is also not proven that the electronic cigarette is safe. We are waiting for more in-depth studies on the subject to reassure our patients, but it seems that it is not too harmful and that the risk for vapers is still much lower than for smokers. People who want to can use nicotine patches.

cigarette éléctronique après greffe capillaire

Can I smoke shisha after my hair implants?

Everything we said about smoking after a hair transplant also applies to shisha or hookah after your hair transplant. These products contain many toxic substances that can damage your hair surgery. To help you strengthen your hair regrowth you can use the Minoxidil after hair transplant.

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