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Frizzy hair implant

It is totally possible for a person who has frizzy or African type hair to make hair implants in Türkiye. However, there are some specifics that we will mention in this article.

Fewer grafts for frizzy hair

During an afros or frizzy hair transplant we can implant afewer grafts than for Indo-European type hair. The reason is that the frizzy hair graft is J-shaped or even C-shaped unlike Indo-European hair which is I-shaped.afro hair extraction is therefore much more delicate and takes much longer in order to be removed without breaking it and therefore compromising the quality of the results of the hair transplant. This particularity therefore requires hair surgeons who are also specialized in Afro and frizzy hair transplantation, which you will find at Capillaris in Turkey.

greffe de cheveux afro turquie.jpg

A maximum of 3000 grafts

Therefore it will be possible to implant a maximum of 3000 grafts during an afro hair transplant while it is possible for straight or wavy hair to implant up to 5500 grafts.

The price of frizzy hair transplant?

The price for an afro hair transplant at Capillaris Istanbul in Turkey is similar to the price charged for all hair types: 1390 euros all inclusive for the Saphyr FUE method. This package forhair implant afros in Turkey includes: operation, medical treatment, shampoo, three nights hotel accommodation, airport pick-up.


Afro hair transplant results for women

Discover the results of our patients who had an afro hair transplant at Capillaris in Turkey with the Saphyr FUE methods and the DHI methods. Women with afro hair will need to take vitamins after their hair implants in Turkey.

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