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bodybuilding after hair transplant

For your hair transplant to go well, you should avoid practicing bodybuilding duringat least one month after the intervention surgical.

Bodybuilding recovery after hair transplant

Do not force too much when you resume weight training. Start slowly, withlight weights and shorter sessions and less intense than what you usually did. After 7 to 8 weeks after the hair transplant, it will be possible to fully regain your rhythm during your bodybuilding sessions.

Musculation après greffe de cheveux
sport après implant capillaire

Why stop sport after hair implants?

There are several reasons that push to proscribe sport and bodybuilding after yourhair transplant. First, you have just had an operation, so your body needs a rest. Secondly, physical and sporting activity leads to aincreased blood pressure at the level of the head therefore a risk of ejection of thegrafts that have been implanted until the healing is complete and total. Thirdtheresweating after hair transplant generated by sport is also bad during the first post-operative weeks according to some hair surgeons. For all these reasons we strongly advise you to wait!

Sea bathing after hair transplant

If you wish to bathe after your hair transplant, it will also be advisable topreferably wait a month after surgery before resuming swimming, this recommendation is valid for swimming in sea water as well as swimming in the swimming pool. Stopping sports after the transplant is one recommendation among many others, also be careful not to overdo it.smoking after your hair transplant and try to takebeneficial vitamins for your hair to stimulate regrowth.

baignade mer après greffe de cheveux

Essentiel pour les sportifs après leurs greffes: découvrez comment gérer votre alimentation correctement pour optimiser les résultats de votre transplantation en lisant notre article!

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