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Islamic Hair Loss Remedy

Medicine prophetic in islam offers several natural remedies and treatments to prevent and combat hair loss.

Among these remedies, we find the nigella seed, which has multiple virtues.

Other remedies recommended by Arab and Muslim scholars like Ibn al Qayym are made with lemon juice and black cumin seed oil, which is effective in stimulating regrowth after hair transplantation.

Arabic remedy for hair loss

Can also mention henna, which strengthens hair, onion, which promotes growth, and other beneficial foods. The Arabs have always known how fight against hair loss with natural remedies.

Remède arabe chute de cheveux

Arabic herbs to regrow hair

Sage is also a plant that has many virtues, in particular to prevent and fight hair loss thanks to its natural action.

Hair loss has been studied by many muslim scholars who proposed varied and effective solutions.

Onion is another natural remedy to fight hair loss.

Discover onion-based recipes on our site.

Our forum on hair loss allows you to discuss various topics related to this problem.

Découvrez comment utiliser l'huile de nigelle pour vos cheveux

Other solutions against baldness

There hair transplant in Islam is generally authorized by lawyers, unless it aims to change the creation.

Beard transplantation is prohibited by the majority of jurists, except in certain exceptional cases. But it is better to abstain out of prudence to preserve one's religion according to the opinion of many Muslim scholars.

Finally, the invocations are one of the main sources of healing in Islam and the Muslim must always remember that causes are only means.

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