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Shock Loss on the donor area

Shock loss is the fear of anyone who has a hair transplant. Fortunately this phenomenon remains enough rare nevertheless discover everything you need to know about Shock Loss.

What is a Shock Loss?

Shock loss is a sudden and brutal loss of hair in a defined area. She can intervene on the donor area as on the recipient area.

95/100 of Shock loss cases occur in the donor area after hair transplantation.

shock loss zone donneuse apres greffe de cheveux.jpg
durée shock loss

Shock Loss Duration

Shock Loss after hair implants can last between 4 and 12 months depending on the case. The patient will have to be patient before finding a correct capillary density.

What to do after a Shock Loss?

As we have just said the patient will have to show a lot of patience after a Shock Loss, the latter will not end up being absorbed over time but to help our body fight against this shock loss it is good to use the Minoxidil after hair transplant just as it will be very important to have a high vitamin intake and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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