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Sweating after hair transplant

Sweating is a natural phenomenon necessary to regulate our body temperature. Not sweating can therefore be dangerous for human health, especially in the event of high heat. However, excessive sweating can be harmful tohair transplant results, We will explain everything to you !

transpiration après greffe de cheveux

Is sweating dangerous after hair implants?

Many patients have a real phobia of sweating after hair transplant, but is it that dangerous? In reality, no scientific study proves this clearly and without ambiguity.


The fact is that sweating is often associated with either astrenuous sports activity either to prolonged exposure to the sun, both of which are bad after hair implants.

So what should I think?

Although no medical study proves the harmfulness of perspiration and sweat on the hair transplant, Capillaris nevertheless advises to apply the precautionary principle: Avoid perspiration and activities likely to make you sweat but without falling into paranoia ! 

sueur après greffe de cheveux
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