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Biofiber Hair Transplant

People affected by baldness often dream of biocompatible artificial hair like those offered by biofiber hair transplantation. The major advantage of this technique is to be able to implant an unlimited number of synthetic hairs on the patient's scalp, which particularly appeals to people suffering from advanced alopecia.

greffe de cheveux biofibre.JPG
greffe de cheveux biofibre.JPG

Biofibre hair transplant reviews

Many patients are looking for Capillaris clinic reviewsabout biofiber hair transplantation. However, the technique is not yet perfected and we do not yet have the perspective necessary to provide informed opinions on biofiber hair transplantation.

The cost of biofiber hair transplantation

The biofiber hair transplant would therefore offer the possibility of filling a lack of hair density in cases where the natural graft would be insufficient.  

The Capillaris clinic in Turkey is working hard on this innovative technique and hopes to be able to offer it to you soon at a competitive price.

Prix de la greffe de cheveux biofibre
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