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Do you dream of shiny, voluminous hair? Capillaris Istanbul is the clinic for you. Specialized in hair transplantation  SAPHYR FUE as well as the DHI transplant, it offers you a quality experience and an optimal result.

An all-inclusive package:

Capillaris Istanbul simplifies your life by offering you hair packages adapted to your needs and your budget. Consult our prices and choose the formula that suits you.

Capillaris Istanbul guarantees you a transparent price with no surprises. The amount of your hair transplant is fixed in advance and does not change. Despite inflation, we are keeping our prices stable in 2022 and 2023.

Sapphire FUE vs DHI transplant

The choice ofgraft implantation method is one of the questions that worries future transplant recipients the most. Everyone is afraid of making the wrong choice and paying the consequences! This is why Capillaris Istanbul offers you an article dedicated to the question to help you see more clearly in your hair transplant project in Turkey. SOSapphire fue or DHI ? We tell you everything you need to know before the big start!

I am interested  in the transplant

but I'm still anxious

It is completely normal to feel anxious before

this dive into the unknown far from home! 

Capillaris Istanbul invites you to discover the

progress of your future hair transplant from A to Z

in order to lift a little the veil on this 

adventure that will allow you to 

start a new life !

Recommendations after your hair transplant

Here we give you some essential tips to follow after your hair transplant to ensure its success.

Take a sports break:

Sport after hair transplantation is not recommended, it will have to be suspended for at least four weeks.


Cut down on tobacco:

The harmful substances contained in the cigarette slow down the growth of the grafts, it will therefore be necessary to limit your tobacco consumption as much as possible.


Prefer scissors to clippers:

If you go to the hairdresser, ask him to cut your hair only with scissors, especially on the recipient area. No clipper for 6 months!


Protect yourself from the sun:

Avoid intense sun exposure for thirty days after your hair transplant.


Protect yourself from the rain:

The first ten days after your hair transplant, be careful not to expose yourself too much to the rain.


Moderate your sexual relations:

Also make sure not to have too intense intimate relations with your partner during the first 15 days after your transplant.


Avoid swimming:

Also, take care not to swim, either in sea water or in the pool, for one to two months after your hair transplant.


Avoid wearing a hat:

It is best not to wear a hat or cap after your hair transplant. If you still opt for this solution, make sure that it does not rub on the implanted grafts to avoid irreversible damage.


Wash your hair with lukewarm water:

During post-operative shampoos, wash your hair using only lukewarm water and never put the shower head directly on your grafts because the water pressure could damage them. Opt for a container that will allow you to gently pour the water over your head.

Why is hair transplantation cheaper in Türkiye?

There are many reasons why hair transplantation is cheap in Turkey compared to European countries. Firstly, salaries are lower in Istanbul than in Paris or other capitals in Europe. Secondly, the amount of employer contributions is less expensive in Turkey than in France or Belgium. Thirdly, the number of hair transplants per month and per clinic is much higher in Turkey, which therefore makes it possible to amortize and better distribute the various fixed costs such as the rent of the clinic or others. As you have understood, all these parameters influence the price of hair implants in Turkey and allow hair clinics to offer much cheaper prices for a hair transplant in Istanbul. Competition between hair implant clinics is also very fierce in Turkey, this competition allows hair transplant prices to be driven down in Istanbul.

Greffe de cheveux pas en Turquie

Pourquoi choisir la Turquie pour ma greffe ?

Les raisons qui devraient vous inciter à choisir Istanbul en Turquie pour faire votre greffe de cheveux sont très nombreuses.

Citons avant tout le tarif des implants capillaires en Turquie, les cliniques d'Istanbul proposent des prix très peu cher en comparaison aux tarifs pratiqués dans les cliniques Capillaires de France et d'Europe. Les chirurgiens spécialisés dans la greffe de cheveux en Turquie ont également une meilleure et plus longue expérience que les chirurgiens capillaires français: la Turquie c'est plus de 500 mille greffes de cheveux par an ce qui en fait le leader mondial incontesté actuellement!

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