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Clippers after hair transplant

  After your hair transplant in Turkey, you must respect the healing process  and avoid cutting your hair with a clipper for a while.

Why not use a clipper ?

The clippers could damage the transplanted follicles by tearing them out, thus harming your hair transplant. If the grafts were to be expelled from its cavity because of the use of the mower, there could be no regrowth there.

Tondeuse après greffe de cheveux
tondeuse après greffe de cheveux zone donneuse

How long to avoid the mower?

It would be best to avoid using the trimmer on the recipient area during first ten months after hair transplant. Even if theoretically after 4 or 5 months there is no risk, we prefer advise to avoid the mower for ten months as a precautionary measure.

And on the donor area?

On the other hand, it is quite possible to use the clipper on the donor area after your transplant, allow an average of 4 short weeks for your donor area to recover a little bit.

  Can I go to the hairdresser?

Yes of course, you can go to your hairdresser provided that he cuts the hair in your recipient area only with sharp scissors.

ciseau après greffe capillaire
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