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Diet after hair transplant

For your hair implants to succeed, you must adopt a diet healthy and diverse after your hair transplant. This means eating varied, balanced and vitamin-rich foods to nourish the implanted grafts.

Stand de légumes sur un marché

Eat vitamins

It is advisable to eatlots of fruits and vegetablesto benefit from the essential vitamins for good hair growth of your grafts.

To preserve the vitamins of the vegetables you eat, it isbest to steam themrather than boiling them, which destroys them. Your hair and overall health will thank you! If you can eatorganic fruits and vegetables, it's even better for your hair health. If you don't have time to do all of this, take some dietary supplements after your hair transplant to stimulate regrowth and optimize your results.

Alimentation après greffe de cheveux
alimentation après implant capillaire

Spirulina after hair transplant

A hair transplant is also an opportunity to change your life, so take advantage of it for yourself get rid of your bad habits and start off on a good footing with a new lifestyle more respectful of your physical and mental health.

Take some spirulina after your hair transplant can also promote the growth of your hair. You can also choose to take nettle capsules after your transplant.

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