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Cap after hair transplant

Many patients wonder if they can put a cap on their head after hair transplantation. 

The cap can be awkward during the 15 days following the DHI or FUE operation, if it scrubs the implanted area.

Therefore it is better avoid wearing a cap after your hair transplant at Capillaris in Turkey.

casquette après greffe de cheveux.jpg
Casquette après greffe de cheveux

And a wide cap?

If despite this you want to put on a cap after the hair transplant, choose a very loose one that does not no pressure on the grafts and which rests only on the forehead.

Hat after hair transplant

There are also other types of headgear compatible with a hair transplant, such as the bucket hat or the large panama hat for men. Women can opt for a shawl for example after the hair transplant.

The fear of the gaze of others often leads to wanting to put on a cap after the hair transplant, but rest assured, the Healing is very fast after the operation, about 10 to 15 days for an FUE transplant. You are therefore not obliged to wear a cap or a beret if you are anxious after your hair transplant.

chapeau après greffe capillaire

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