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Food supplement after hair transplant

In order to obtain the best possible results following your hair transplant  at Capillaris, you must pay attention to several post-operative aspects.


One of these aspects is undoubtedly your diet. As such, it may be wise to consume dietary supplements like vitamins or whatever.

Eat properly

A healthy and balanced diet is ideal for stimulating hair regrowth, but this is not always feasible. Indeed, many people have a lifestyle that does not allow them to find the vitamins necessary for hair growth in their daily diet.

In these situations, you can take supplements after your hair procedure. There are many in pharmacies quality dietary supplements which will have a positive impact on the results of your hair transplant.

biotine après greffe de cheveux.jpg
complément alimentaire après greffe de cheveux.jpg

Biotin after hair transplant

Biotin, also called vitamin H, B7 or B8, is an essential vitamin for hair growth after hair implants.

It makes them stronger and will promote good growth of the implanted grafts.

It acts by stimulating the formation of regenerative cells.

We can found in certain foods such as eggs, liver, cheese, milk and salmon and certain fruits such as bananas and avocados or consume it as a ready-made food supplement!

Spirulina after hair transplant

Spirulina is an excellent supplement after a hair procedure. Also eat lots of fruits and vegetables, preferably organic, which will be more beneficial. Try to choose seasonal fruits and vegetables to reduce your environmental impact and your carbon footprint related to your diet.

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