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BHT Hair Transplant Türkiye

BHT is a process of taking grafts from an area other than the patient's head during a hair transplant. The grafts can be taken from the beard or chest and then transplanted to the recipient area on the head.

greffe de cheveux bht turquie

When do you use BHT?

The hair surgeon recommends the BHT transplant when the patient's donor area is much too weak to hope for a correct result during a hair transplant.

How many BHT grafts?

Thanks to BHT it is possible to take between 300 and 1000 additional grafts on average during a hair transplant. This number is not extraordinary but it can make it possible to fill some gaps in an interesting way to optimize a hair transplant.

prelevement greffons barbe

Greffe bht pour cheveux crépus ?

Il est également possible d'utiliser la méthode BHT en Turquie pour implanter des cheveux crépus ou afros sans aucun souci, la technique d'extractions des greffons est exactement la même que pour les autres types de cheveux.

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