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DHI Hair Transplant Türkiye

A hair transplant without shaving

The DHI method is one of the most recent hair implant techniques, less invasive than FUE, it allows faster healing. Implantation by DHI Choi also has the advantage of operating without shaving the recipient area, this grafting technique is therefore particularly suitable for women and light baldness.

greffe de cheveux en Turquie DHI.jpg

The principle of the DHI transplant

The DHI hair implant method differs from saphyr FUE only in the recipient area. We use an implanter pen called CHOI in which we gently insert the grafts taken from the donor area and then we implant the graft directly - hence the name DHI Direct Hair Implant - without having to make an incision using the blade Sapphire.

Cost of a dhi hair transplant

The price of a DHI hair transplant at Capillaris in Turkey is only 1290 euros for the operation alone and 1490 euros for the all-inclusive package. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and to obtain your personalized quote!

If you prefer to opt for the Saphyr fue method for your hair transplant Capillaris also offers tailor-made packages!

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