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FUE sapphire transplant

What is the Saphyr FUE Transplant?

FUE, or Follicular Unit Extraction, is a surgical technique that involves removing follicular unitss -commonly called grafts- from the donor area of the patient to reimplant them on the recipient area.

But why are we talking about Saphyr then?

The term Saphyr FUE hair transplant relates to the Saphyr blade used by the surgeon with which he traces the channels - micro incisions - intended to receive the grafts recovered during the FUE removal.

But what is the point of a Saphyr blade?

The advantage of the Saphyr blade is twofold, thanks to its tiny thickness it allows the hair surgeon to make micro incisions which increases the graft density per cm². The second advantage lies in faster healing, which greatly limits the rate of rejection of implanted grafts.

And the healing time?

The external healing after a Saphyr FUE hair transplant is very fast, two or three days are enough for the incisions to close completely and for the scabs to form. These scabs will generally fall off on their own within ten to fifteen days postoperatively.

Hair regrowth after the transplant?

The process of hair regrowth after the saphyr fue transplant is as follows, once the scabs have fallen off we will see mini regrowths which will appear and then these new hairs will fall out on their own very quickly, generally during the first month. From the third postoperative month the real process of regrowth of new hair will begin, little by little. The final result will be visible within 10 to 12 months after the hair transplant. THE grafts implanted on the vertex they sometimes take a little longer to grow back than grafts from the frontal area of the skull.

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