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Hair transplant that does not take

It is very exceptional, if not impossible, that a hair transplant completely fails, but it is true that some patients have better results than others with hair transplantation. Several factors can explain that a hair transplant does not succeed or badly and here we will mention the main causes that can lead to a disappointing result of your hair implantation.

Greffe de cheveux qui ne prend pas

The causes of hair transplant failure?

1: A bad lifestyle of the patient, in particular with regard to excessive consumption of tobacco, alcohol or legal or illegal drugs.

2: A lot of post-operative stress, a emotional shock important can have very negative effects on your hair transplant.

3: A bad choice of the hair clinic and the surgeon where you will do your Fue or DHI transplant.

4: The fact of not having complied with the instructions of the hair surgeon after your procedure.

5: Some hormonal problems in women can cause the graft to take very little or not at all.

How do I know if my hair transplant is unsuccessful?

The final result of a hair transplant is apparent approximately one year after the transplant. If at the end of a post-operative year there is no obvious change in your hair look, you may consider that your hair implants are a failure. Be reassured that it is extremely rare that a transplant does not take at all. We can estimate that around 80/100 of hair transplants are successful.

What is the status of the hair transplant in Islam?

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