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Hair transplant in Islam

Many Muslims wonder whether hair transplantation is haram or halal in Islam? Capillaris therefore invites you to discover the different opinions of the great Muslim scholars on the subject of the prohibition or permission of hair implants!

greffe de cheveux islam
greffe de cheveux islam

Hair transplant is haram or not 

For the great scholars Sheikh Ibn Baz and Sheikh Ibn al Otheimine hair transplantation is absolutely haram. THE scholar Ibn al Otheimine was asked like this on the subject: 


Hair transplantation is a process that involves transplanting hair from the back of the head to an area affected by baldness, is this halal?

Sheikh's response:

Yes this is allowed because it is a reconstruction of the creation of Allah, it allows to correct a defect. There's no in Addition Hair Transplantation, it is not a modification of Allah's creation but simply a correction of a defect. Besides, everyone knows the story (the hadith) of the three people, one of them was bald and she asked Allah to give her back her hair so the angel stroked her head and Allah gave her a beautiful hair. 

Fatawa of the scholars of the country of the sacred mosque: page 1185.

So hair implants are not haram?

Indeed hair implants are not haram in Islam according to the opinion supported by many many Muslim scholars. This is also the opinion of the Algerian scholar Cheikh Ferkouss who also detailed the issue. In essence he answered that there is a distinction between the fact of implanting or grafting hair and the fact of gluing and reattaching hair (which is not ours). This medical process therefore makes it possible to correct a defect by allowing our own hair to grow back naturally after hair surgery. The sheikh also quotes the story on which sheikh ibn el otheimin relies: 


“Allah willed to test three of the children of Israel: a leper, another bald and a blind man. He sent an angel to them…and he came to the person with baldness and said, “What is the thing you love the most?” Said, "A fine hair, and let that baldness go away that people hate." Said, "He wiped it off, which made his baldness go away and give him fine hair." »

He explains that this account is proof that the hair implants are not haram in Islam for if it was unlawful to regrow hair after loss, Allah would not have allowed the angel to stroke the bald man's head.

greffe de cheveux haram ?

The transplant is halal but which implant method to choose?

You now know that hair transplantation is legal for Muslims but you hesitate between Safyr FUE or DHI method for your future transplant, discover the advice of the Capillaris clinic! In any case, know that the DHI hair transplant cost or Saphyr FUE are roughly similar and that the judgment of Islam is the same on the fact that the two techniques are not haram.

I am interested in hair transplant

You are now reassured and convinced that hair transplantation is not haram and you wish to obtain a personalized quote for yourhair transplantation ? Simply contact us by whatsapp or by phone!

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