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What are the stages of hair transplantation?

After booking with Capillaris Istanbul, discover all the stages and the progress of your stay in Turkey.

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Welcome at Istanbul airport

When you arrive in Istanbul, someone will be waiting for you at the airport with a sign mentioning the code HR4. After simply presenting your passport to him, he will have you picked up by the driver who will take you to your hotel.

Your Hotel in Istanbul

You will be staying at the hotel City Loft 81 located in the Atasehir district in Istanbul. This is a 4 star hotel. After a good night's sleep, our teams will pick you up the next morning to take you to the clinic for D-day! Courage and no-stress everything will be fine!

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Test sanguin greffe de cheveux

And once at the clinic?

When you arrive at the clinic, the very first step will be the blood control. This test generally takes about fifteen minutes to ensure that the patient is not a carrier of HIV or hepatitis. This blood sample will then be used for the PRP treatment. Then the patient will meet with the surgeon accompanied by our translator then he will make the payment.

Your future front line? 

During your interview with the surgeon, we will be at listening to your expectations concerning the tracing of your future front line in order to stay in harmony with your expectations.  Then we will be able to shave the patient so that he can go to the operating room. Whether the operation is a DHI it is possible to shave only the donor area. If it is a Saphyr FUE we will completely shave the patient.

rasage avant greffe de cheveux
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My arrival in the operating room?

Once in the operating room we will proceed to local anesthesia of the patient's donor area. We use a dermojet which allows painless injection of the first doses of anesthetic to patient comfort. Once the patient is completely anesthetized, the doctor will begin to remove the grafts from the donor area. This crucial stage of the operation must be carried out by an experienced person who perfectly masters the FUE protocol in order to preserve the patient's donor area. This phase generally lasts between two and three hours.

A break is needed!

The grafts are now taken, everything is going perfectly, we have carried out the first part of the operation, let's take the opportunity to do a lunch break to recharge the batteries! 

It also allows for a change of scenery and it's generally a moment of discussion with our teams.

You can also use it to reassure your family  by phone using the clinic's wifi!

traçage ligne fronte greffe de cheveux.jpg

And now we draw your front line together!

Back in the operating room, we move on to serious things! The doctor will trace with you your future hairline, we remain at your disposal and if the latter does not suit us, we will modify it with you!

Once the frontal line has been drawn, we anesthetize the recipient area in order to be able to trace the canals -micro incisions what does the hair surgeon do with the Saphyr blade and who will be able to receive the grafts. 

The experience of the surgeon is once again decisive because he must respect the angle of regrowth of your future hair. He will also ask you the direction of your haircut so that the result of the operation is as natural as possible!

we implant your grafts!

Once the micro incisions are completed, the assistants enter the scene. They go carefully implant your grafts by taking care to choose grafts with only one hair for your front line, then two just behind, in order to guarantee a natural effect and to avoid the "leek" effect of large grafts which can be implanted in front by error of manipulation of some inexperienced medical personnel.

implantation des greffons c.jpg
pansement après greffe de cheveux.jpg

We put the bandage and it's over!

It was long, it was tiring, but it's over! After 6 to 8 hours of patience you just made your dream come true and you can be proud of it! All that remains is to make a beautiful dressing and we drive you to your hotel for a well-deserved good night's rest (even if often the first night is not that easy;))).

Tomorrow we'll let you sleep in the morning and we'll pick you up around 2 p.m. for the Shampoo!

A good shampoo to go home
  all clean!

You slept well - or not too much :) -, we pick you up and we go to the clinic to remove your dressing and do a good shampoo  (by the way, remember to consult our advice on best shampoo after your hair transplant)!

You will immediately feel liberated and fresher! It takes 30 minutes and after that you are free to go for a walk in Istanbul and eat grilled meats! But don't go to bed too late, tomorrow we usually pick you up early in the morning to take you back to the airport. It would be a shame to miss your plane :))))

After your return, we will of course remain in contact for the post-operative follow-up, we will give you all the advice and recommendations necessary to prevent your hair transplant does not take!

I embark on the adventure in Turkey

To contact us and get a personalized quote to join us in Istanbul nothing could be simpler, you click on the icon below and you give us a little call to discuss together (don't panic it's a number French so it's free). You can also save time by sending us your photos directly on Whatsapp!

Great but which method should I choose for my hair transplant?

Capillaris Clinic Istanbul practices the two best hair implant methods: the saphyr fue  and the DHI CHOI. To find out which method is most appropriate for you, click the link below!

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